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About Us


In 2020 , Daloba Foods embraced a simple idea: why not tell the consumer whats inside the box ?

Daloba Foods is one of the first establish Print Nutrition Labelling on the PaniPuri Packaging.

Because we know you like to know what you eat.


We have taken a technological Leap from the traditional manual manufacturing process to highly advances industrial manufacturing. The factory site is fully equipped with state of the art plants & machinery is SYNC with the latest technology of International.


We have a dedicated and well experienced team of professionals to ensure strict quality control,

Quality Assurance and Quality Compliance.



Several Pack sizes are available. The Best Raw material are sourced for Manufacture and Hygiene is assured by a mechanised process that eliminates handling of the products at any stage.


Latest methods of Packaging like nitrogen filled pouches has increased the shelf life.

Fresh appearance and texture are one thing and contamination is another. That’s why we believe in right food packaging for safety of product &customer satisfaction. Sturdy Packaging is crucial to protect from  from bacteria contamination.


Our Vision

We manage by our business values to provide a safe , productive, fulfilling work environment for employees , legendary service for customer, enhanced value for shareholders and mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.


We are committed to stability and effective strategic growth.


We are recognised for leadership in our industries and by those serve.


Core Values

 1) Health & safety – Our Desire to Achieve zero harm is an underpinning fundamental to all our activities.

2) Integrity – we are committed to the principles of truth and honesty including being equitable, ethical and professional.

3) Simplicity – we value and practice simplicity

4) Quality – we measure quality by our customer satisfaction. As individuals we will be transparent and accountable to our customer.