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Privacy Policy

Without a doubt, Daloba Foods completely respects your privacy on Customer privacy is the most important this and this Privacy Policy provides succinctly the manner all your information is gathered as well as utilized by daloba foods. If you are a newbie then you must visit the site to gather everything related to the service and its privacy policy. Your data is collected with complete security. As the visitor or customer if you need to get free from hassles you must read the Privacy Policy with care. You can access details by selecting I agree to option. Every data utilized by DALOBA Foods  in the provided manner so you no need to worry about any factor. To overcome the complications you must read this Privacy Policy.

What Kind Of Data Collected From Customers?

 When it comes to initiating the registration process on the Site, DALOBA FOODS it is important to provide some personal data that includes Name including first as well as last name, in addition to this, this site will require an alternate email address, contact details, mobile phone number, postal code, email ID, Demographic profile (that includes your age, education, address, gender, occupation, and much other information.). You can easily visit information about the pages once you registered. Even you can also access several pages to get browsing information.

How Do We Gather Customer Data?

First of all, the DALOBA FOODS site is safe and secured by advanced technology. We will collect personally identifiable information to identify our customers. The registration process also includes a voluntary registration process along with an on-line survey etc. additionally this site also contains links to some popular Web sites. However, DALOBA FOODS is safe but it is not responsible for the privacy practices of any other kind of Web sites which it does not control. Before going to initiate the process it is advised to read the privacy matters clearly. Normally, this Site and third-party vendors also include use first-party cookies and google like Google Analytics cookie. Additionally it contains some third-party cookies that include DoubleClick cookie. Everything is together to inform, these also optimize and serve ads based on someone's past visits to the respective website.

How We Utilize Our Customer Data?

DALOBA FOODS is ideal in this platform and is committed to using advanced technology to protect data from various issues. This will use your personal information and other data to provide personalized features to you. Especially you will get some promotional offers with the help of channels and sites with ease. People also know that DALOBA FOODS will provide data to its business associates as well as partners. It can be useful to get in touch with the customer when necessary to offer some services requested by them.

DALOBA FOODS will utilize the customer data to preserve transaction history based on its law and policy. In addition to this, use contact details to improve its product by the survey. It will contact you as a survey respondent; meanwhile, this will notify you if you win any contest. After that only send you promotional materials from the respective contest sponsors, it also includes advertisers.

 The information also used as the advertising material which can be display advertisements through the Google Ad network. So it is better to opt for Google Analytics for Display Advertising, it can be useful for you to customize Google display network ads with the help of Ads Preferences Manager.

With Whom Your Data And Personal Information Will Be Shared?

DALOBA FOODS ensures your security about the financial information. It will share your financial details with anyone for any purpose which means you no need to worry about any factors. Even it does not sell or rent your details with anyone. In case if it is necessary it will ask your permission to provide products or services that you have requested already.

DALOBA FOODS committed to using innovative technology for offering better services. First of all, help investigate and prevent everything which is eliminates the illegal activities, potential threat, etc. it can restrict the violations of the Site's terms of use. On the other hand, defend against legal claims and special circumstances that include compliance with subpoenas, order from legal authorities, court orders, and requests

What Are The Choices And How We Use Your Information?

 Basically, daloba food committed to protecting against the loss, and misuse of any information. Everything is under control. Even it has appropriate physical, managerial procedures, etc. DALOBA FOODS servers are accessible by the authorized personnel which mean it protects information from any third party access. DALOBA FOODS makes everything protected will endeavor to safeguard the information of the customer. Transmissions are also absolutely secure. To use this site you need to agree with the DALOBA FOODS terms and conditions.

How Can You Make Corrections To Your Information Or Data?

This site allows you to correct or update your incorrect information with ease. In case of loss of access details then it is better to send an e-mail to Policy updates DALOBA FOODS have the responsibility to make the changes any time also have the ability to make updates at any time. Every change can be protectively made by the authorities.