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Daloba Foods features, products, and services can be accessed through the online website. Our official website is accessible to all customers for choosing our products or services. Our Daloba Foods online website offers complete services with the Terms and Conditions. Customers availing our services or products from need to view our Terms and Conditions. Reading our privacy policy along with the Terms and Conditions is necessary.


Our Privacy Policy is based on the welfare of our company and our customers. Please read our Privacy Policy before availing of our services online.

Electronic Communications:

Accessing Daloba Foods products or services through e-mails is communicating with our team in an electronic manner. Our team would respond to your e-main only through e-mail or text message. In Daloba Foods, we have a Privacy Policy that you agree with all our notices, agreements, or disclosures are set based on the legal requirement. Our communication would be only in the mode of writing. Our team gives you immediate responses through Text Messages (option)  or e-mail. Information of the customers would not be disclosed to any third party.


Our Contents in the Daloba Foods online website such as Logos, Text, and Graphics are the property of Daloba Foods or the content suppliers. Our audio clips, images as well as data compilations on our WebPages are also the property of Daloba Foods. Our contents are mainly protected by the laws of the Government of India. Any kind of unwarranted copies of our contents is illegal and prohibited.


Our names or mission in our Daloba Foods Logos, Graphics, Scripts, Page Headers, and Service only the trademarks of Daloba Foods or affiliates. Any other party that does not get the right for using or copying our contents is illegal or prohibited.

Login Account:

When you are using our online website then you are solely responsible for maintaining confidentiality with registering your account. Your Password and Account details will be confidential and would not be disclosed to any 3rd party. You will be responsible for maintaining restricting access to your system.

Upon accessing our online website, you agree to accept complete liability for the data. You would be liable for your activities for all your activities under your Registered Account.

Daloba Foods have the right to remove or edit content, terminate accounts, or refuse service. Daloba Foods also reserves the right to cancel orders without any demure payable or damage.

Risk Of Loss:

The user needs to understand that all the items purchased via Daloba Foods online website mode will be pursuant to the shipment contract. Any risk of title or loss for the dispatched items is under your responsibility. Your products would be delivered to the carrier or the shipping partner.

Shipping Policy:

·         Placing your order post 4:00 PM would be processed within 1 or 2 day for its dispatch

·         Placing your order post 4:00 PM on Saturday would be processed on Monday evening for dispatch

Contact details such as Shipping Address, Contact Information, and Pin Code needs to be accurate for the safe delivery of your product. There would not be any delay in the delivery of the product when the content information is correct. You would be the sole responsible when there is any delay in delivery due to the inaccurate contact information given.

  • Within the City – 3 to 5 working days
  • Within Zone – 5 to 7 Working days
  • Within Metro cities - 5 to 7 Working days
  • Tier 1, 2, 3 cities - 5 to 7 Working days
  • Special destinations - 8 to 9 Working days

Zone Structure:

Within City: Mumbai

Within Zone: Maharashtra

Metro: 8A, Nanad Kishore Industrial Est.

NR - Paper Box, Off Mahakali Caves RD

MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 093

Maharastra – India

Returns, Refunds, And Title:

Our team would take your product if the product expired or reached above the shelf life. Our team would be refunding the amount by deducting fixed shipment charges on the store credit. Customers can use this credit for future purchases. Open Packed or Container will not accept Return.

When you are returning the products due to the packaging or product quality then Daloba Foods will consider the status with proper checking. The customer is required to submit the proofs for the discretion of Daloba Foods. When you have any complaint regarding shipment or product then you can be sent us complain to Please attach the necessary photographs regarding the product details, payment details, and shipment details. Our team would make a quick response regarding your question and answers through the e-mail on the

Disclaimer Of Warranties And Limitation Of Liability:

Our entire information about the Daloba Foods along with the content, products, materials as well as other services provided are reviewed by Daloba Foods. The Daloba Foods is the sole proprietor of all the contents, products, or materials on the official website.

Daloba Foods does not make any specific representations or warranties about the products. Complete operation of Daloba Foods products or services, materials, contents or any other services included are only available through the daloba foods services are specified in writing. Customers using the daloba foods services are only at their sole risk and the Daloba Foods does not take any responsibility for the process.

Daloba Foods have the right to disclaim all the warranties, implied or expressed for any activity. These are not only limited to the implied warranties, fitness, or merchantability. Daloba Foods also does not warrant services offered by the Daloba Foods or the content, information, materials, or products. Any information sent from the electronic communications or daloba foods servers is only ensured with the free of viruses or any kind of malicious activities.

Daloba Foods is not accountable for any damages regarding the daloba foods service, content, products (software), materials, and many others that are available on the daloba foods service. These are not limited to any kind of direct or indirect consequential and punitive damages unless they are specified in writing.


Claim or dispute based on the use of  Daloba Foods Products or Service needs to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Mumbai. Any use of Daloba Foods products or services distributed or sold via online is also subjected to the jurisdiction Mumbai – Maharashtra - India.

Dispute resolution proceedings are conducted only on an individual basis. They are not to be representative or consolidated action of any 3rd party.

Minimum Order:

The customer needs to make 1 or more numbers of quantities. The Order will be inclusive of all Taxes and Packaging.

Shipping Policy:

Daloba Foods will ship the products with completely free of charge of only 100 Puri Packs selected Areas in Mumbai and Daloba Foods have Take Off  free Shipping any time .

Delivery Schedule:

  • Within the City – 3 to 5 working days
  • Within Zone – 5 to 7 Working days
  • Within Metro cities - 5 to 7 Working days
  • Tier 1, 2, 3 cities - 5 to 7 Working days
  • Special destinations - 8 to 9 Working days

Zone Structure:

Within City: Mumbai

Within Zone: Maharashtra

Metro: 8A, Nanad Kishore Industrial Est.

NR - Paper Box, Off Mahakali Caves RD

MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 093

Maharastra – India


Daloba Foods supports all the Payment Methods at Daloba Foods online

  • COD (Option not fixed)
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net banking

Daloba Foods does not collect any hidden charges from customers. Customers are only required to pay the amount on the final order summary during the checkout. When you find any kind of extra charges on your Debit or Credit Card while making your purchase, please report the issues immediately. When you find the charges made on your Debit or Credit Card from the account that you have never signed up for or created account. Kindly consult with your business colleagues or family members who are authorized to make the purchases for you.

When you could not find the reason for unauthorized charges made from your account then report the issue to our team. We are ready to resolve the issues on a report of unauthorized purchase within 1 Month of transaction. Please write to us at

When you find the failure in your payment processing then ensure that the accurate information is passed through Payment Gateway. Check your

   Account Details


   Billing Address

Kindly see if your Internet connection is disrupted. When you find that your Account is debited even after the payment failure, then you would be credited with the exact debited amount within 7 business days. Please email with your order number to

Privacy Policy:

Daloba Foods Foods National Limited always respects the privacy of its customers. We value our customers in all aspects. We ensure that you could get more details on how the data is collected and used by Daloba Foods. Please read the Privacy Policy before accessing Daloba Foods National Limited. By availing of our services on the Site, you agree that your data is collected and used only by Daloba Foods National Limited

What Is The Information Collected?

Daloba Foods National Limited collects the personally identifiable information during the registration process. This information includes the

  • Name including First and Last Name
  • Alternate Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Contact Details
  • Postal Code
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation

ü   We would also collect the information about pages on Daloba Foods you visit along with the links you clicked on Daloba Foods. We also account for the number of times you access our webpage along with the browsing information such as the IP address.

How Do You Update The Information?

Whether you like to update or correct the information on the website, you can easily make the process online. When there is any loss or incorrect data then you can easily send the email to our official

DALOBA FOODS has the right to change the Policy or make updates to the Policy anytime. These changes are effective upon posting it on our Site.

How Is The Information Used?

The main purpose of accessing your personal data is to provide you a personalized experience. DALOBA FOODS uses your data only for the personalized features along with the promotional activities. These data are also useful for providing constant updates regarding the services.

The DALOBA FOODS would be providing the information only to the partners as well as business associates for giving your constant updates. DALOBA FOODS also uses your personal information for verifying the transaction history. This will be governed by Policy or Law.

DALOBA FOODS uses the contact information for directing the efforts for product improvement. This also gives you the better option for you to contact based on the survey or notifies when you win the contents. This is also a suitable way of sending promotional materials as a mode of advertisement.

DALOBA FOODS access the information of the registered customer for serving the advertising and promotional materials through the display advertisements on Google Ad network.

To Whom The Information Is Shared?

DALOBA FOODS does not share any financial information with any third party. The DALOBA FOODS  does not sell, rent, or even share personal information. We do not disclose the personally identifiable information to 3rd parties. DALOBA FOODS could use your information for promotional activities. This is helpful for preventing, or taking action against illegal or unlawful activities.

How Can You Change The Information?

For updating or changing the information that you have given on the website, you can easily send the e-mail to Our team would immediately take necessary action upon your request.

DALOBA FOODS has the right to make Policy updates anytime. Any changes are effective when it is posted on the website.

Cancellation And Returns:

Upon placing your order, you cannot cancel the order post-purchase. When you find any damages then we would refund the payments for the returned goods after deducting fixed shipment charges. Daloba Foods have the right to take necessary action on the customers who defies Terms & Conditions. Daloba Foods maintains a negative list of fraudulent transactions so that the customers are denied accessing them. On the order cancellations, there would be 20% cancellation charges are applicable or Return Delivery Charges will pay by customer.